Dentist retires after 40 years of service

Dentist Peter Wilkins who is retiring
Dentist Peter Wilkins who is retiring

A passionate dentist who has formed one half of a Banbury business for more than 40 years is retiring.

Peter Wilkins, 67, set up Amsel & Wilkins with his business partner Martyn Amsel back in 1972 and both have worked from their surgery in High Street ever since. Mr Wilkins’ last day will be next Friday, March 28.

He said: “I have loved my job right from the very beginning. I am so pleased to have had this opportunity but I’m looking forward to the challenge of retirement – having fun but keeping the little grey cells exercised.

“This has been a big part of my life and it has been hugely satisfying and rewarding.”

The father of four from Radway started off on the dentistry career ladder after being recommended by a friend to enter the profession while working on a building site in 1965.

He completed his studies at University College London before spending a year at a dental practice in Muswell Hill, when Mr Amsel invited him to join his Banbury practice. Mr Wilkins said: “I knew Martyn from university and when he asked if wanted to be part of it I said I would love to!”

The business started with just one surgery and then gradually expanded to six surgeries at the same premises.

In 2008 the practice ownership passed to John Adams, Nigel Braine-Hartnell and Piers Neville, but Mr Wilkins and Mr Amsel have remained as business associates and the name has remained the same.

Mr Amsel, who will remain at the surgery, said Mr Wilkins will definitely be missed. “We have the most fantastic relationship and have stayed together for 40 years, which is very rare in business,” he said.

Mr Wilkins has a big retirement party planned and is then off on a ‘trip of a lifetime’ to the Galapagos Islands near Ecuador with his wife Sandra.