Council issues 
electoral warning

Election deadline looms
Election deadline looms

Cherwell District Council has warned residents looking to get a mortgage or mobile phone contract they could be refused if they are not on the electoral register.

It is a legal requirement for residents over the age of 18 to have provided their details for the electoral register as a failure to do so could cost them their right to vote and affect their credit rating.

Cherwell District Council’s returning officer Sue Smith said: “By law all adults need to ensure they have provided their details for the electoral register; if they don’t the consequences are far reaching. In deciding whether to approve mortgage applications or mobile phone contracts companies and banks regularly check the electoral register to confirm essential details and if that information is not up to date, it can result in refusals. What’s more residents can be fined £1,000 for failing to keep their records up to date.

“The deadline to register before the May elections is looming so we would urge anyone who has not yet registered their details to do so quickly. Otherwise people could miss out on more than just their right to vote.”

The deadline for electoral registrations is May 6 ahead of local and European elections on May 22. One third of Cherwell District Council’s 50 seats is up for the vote. Anyone wanting to apply for a postal vote enabling them to post their ballot instead of voting in person has until 5pm on May 7 to complete the application.

Residents applying for a proxy vote have until 5pm on May 14.

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