Contract changes on horizon for DHL staff


Concerns have been raised by staff at Banbury’s DHL offices after a letter was sent out indicating the company needs to cut costs if it is to secure contracts in the future.

The letter, dated March 13, states: “Over the last 12 months, the Life Sciences department hasn’t received any new business, the feedback from our customers is that our operating costs are too high. Many of our competitors operate modern working practises which provide flexibility and allow them to meet customer demands with more cost effective solutions.”

It states the firm has lost business from a number of ‘major customers’.

In April, it lost a further contract with GlaxoSmithKline.

The letter says there are a number of contract renewals pending which the company needs to be ‘in the best place’ to meet.

Staff have been negotiating pay and conditions terms with DHL and the firm is meeting with representatives of the GMB union next week to put forward a ‘revised offer’ including a 2.5 per cent pay increase, holiday pay linked to service rather than as previously to attendance, a new starter contract for agency employees with flexible working contracts to cover weekends, and improvements in sick pay.

Bert Hill of GMB said: “They are losing contracts.

“They haven’t got the flexibility of labour.

“They will look at direct costs where they can make savings such as terms and conditions of employment.”

Mr Hill said he believes the changes will apply to two of the three Banbury depots which are located at High Street, Southam Road and Brookhill Way.

No redundancies are expected.

No statement was available from DHL.