Conservatives lead European elections in Cherwell as UKIP return four South East MEPs

UKIP leader Nigel Farage
UKIP leader Nigel Farage

The Conservative Party triumphed in the Cherwell District Council area of the South East region in the European parliamentary elections.

Following polls on Thursday, the Conservatives polled 12,339 votes but were closely followed by UKIP who came in second with 10,996 votes.

The voting statistics for the Cherwell area were as follows:

An Independence from Europe: 832

British National Party: 338

Christian Peoples Alliance: 254

Conservative Party: 12,339

English Democrats: 304

Green Party: 3,340

Harmony Party: 36

Labour Party: 6,584

Liberal Democrats: 2,775

Liberty Great Britain: 34

The Peace Party: 203

The Roman Party AVE: 61

The Socialist Party of Great Britain: 97

UK Independence Party (UKIP): 10,996

YOURvoice: 45

The Cherwell votes contributed to UKIP’s triumph in the South East region, which stretches from Banbury to Kent and the Isle of Wight, Four UKIP candidates including leader Nigel Farage were sent to Brussels from the region, three Tory and one each from Labour, Green and Lib Dem. UKIP won the national vote, the first time a national election has not been won by the Conservatives or Labour in 100 years - and the first time a party with no MPs at Westminster has achieved such a result.

The MEPs elected for the South East region are as follows: Daniel Hannan (Cons), Nirj Deva (Cons), Richard Ashworth (Cons), Anneliese Dodds (Lab), Catherine Bearder (LD), Keith Taylor (Green), Nigel Farage (UKIP), Janice Atkinson (UKIP), Diane James (UKIP), Ray Finch (UKIP).