Chippy waste plans gain Cabinet approval

CONTROVERSIAL plans to create a new household recycling centre in Chipping Norton have moved a step closer after gaining unanimous support from West Oxfordshire District Council’s Cabinet.

Cabinet members agreed to invest in the plan as part of the redevelopment of Greystones, a former council depot site in Chipping Norton, if planning permission can be secured.

Following the much-debated closure of the nearby Dean Pit in 2011, the council has been exploring ways to provide a new facility at Greystones to supply recycling services to residents living in the north of the district. However, the plans have caused controversy in Chipping Norton where some residents fear the site would have a negative impact on the town.

At a meeting of Chipping Norton Town Council on Monday councillors stated they had been approached by WODC to ask if the town would be prepared to sell land on either side of the access road to the Greystones site.

If approved, the recycling centre is projected to generate income of around £22,000 per year which will be used to pay back the £190,000 it will cost to build the facility.