Charity’s tips to save money this season

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A DEBT charity has launched its top tips for staying in the black over the festive period.

Christians Against Poverty, which has a centre in The People’s Church in Banbury, sees people who have reached a crisis in their finances.

Banbury centre manager Sarah Williams said: “We love Christmas. The problem is that we are sold this line that the perfect Christmas is something that we should be buying and that causes more stress than celebration.”

The charity’s top tips include agreeing on a gameplan with relatives to stop overspending and join forces on more expensive items.

When doing a meal, ask guests to contribute within different areas and aim to only buy the food you will actually eat and decide what to do with leftovers. Homemade goodies, such as cupcakes or shortbread, also make great gifts when wrapped up nicely.

Finally, the charity stresses people to never be tempted by a Christmas loan as you never know what the New Year will bring.

For more information go to or call 0800 328 0006.