Cash grant will cover cost of transporting blind people to charity’s centre

VISUALLY impaired residents in Cherwell will receive free transport to Oxfordshire Association for the Blind’s (OAB) new centre following a £5,000 grant.

OAB is using cash from Sanctuary Housing’s Cherish Cherwell Fund to pay residents’ travel fees to its centre in Oxford.

The building was opened in June this year and is the county’s largest and best-equipped visual impairment drop-in facility, offering practical equipment, skills courses and counselling services.

OAB director Colin Cure said: “We are currently in contact with 550 people from the Cherwell area but have been able to offer face-to-face support to just 14 of them in the past 12 months.

“We appreciate our central Oxford base can be a barrier to some residents but thanks to a generous grant from the Cherish Cherwell Fund we can make this journey easier by offering to cover the cost of travel to our resource centre.”

The Cherish Cherwell Fund donates cash to projects which improve the lives of people living in Cherwell.