Carpenter guilty of attacking record breaking runner

Oxford Crown Court ENGNNL00120130626141910
Oxford Crown Court ENGNNL00120130626141910

A 55-year-old man who punched and kicked a well-known Banbury runner during his morning jog, breaking his jaw in three places, was convicted at Oxford Crown Court today (Friday).

A jury took just three hours to convict Dennis Mawle - a self employed carpenter who was born in Banbury but now lives in Worleighton, Southam, of one count of GBH with intent.

The court heard on September 27 last year 70-year=-old record-breaking marathon runner James Zarei was running round Grimsbury Reservoir as he did most days when Mawle’s dog began to follow him.

Mawle waited for Mr Zarei to complete his circuit of the reservoir before confronting him and swearing at him because he had not stopped running despite the dog - named Pip - following behind.

Mawle who claimed Mr Zarei raised his arms towards him, then punched Mr Zarei in the face. Mr Zarei held Mawle’s arms to stop him attacking again and the pair slid down a slope.

According to Mr Zarei, Mawle then repeatedly kicked him in the face, breaking his jaw in three places.

Mr Zarei was taken to hospital where he had metal plates and screws fitted to his jaw.

Mawle will be sentenced at Oxford Crown Court on June 26.