Can you help solve bright light mystery in Shutford sky?

One of two mystery lights above Shutford on June 25
One of two mystery lights above Shutford on June 25

Shutford residents Mervyn and Val Benford are appealing for help to identify the source of two bright lights that appeared over Shutford last night (Wednesday).

The couple saw and pictured the lights at around 10.15pm, but remain mystified as to the potential source.

In his own words, Mr Benford described last night’s events as follows: “There was still a faint blue tint to the sky in the east of Shutford. Stars had begun to show. The sky was cloudless but for a few high wisps.

“My wife went upstairs to close the bedroom curtains at about 10.15pm and noticed two bright orange lights in the sky moving slowly towards Shutford and in the direction of Shenington airfield, but assumed it was some sort of reflections in the glass.

“She opened the window and they were still there, still moving.

“They were apart by a distance and in line almost and totally silent.

“Then suddenly they disappeared more or less as they were passing over the houses in High Street. No movement but no light.

“Then they re-appeared as suddenly and as bright, on the east horizon over the trees leading to Shutford Manor by the church, moving almost in exactly the same way.”

Mr Benford said his wife then called him to join her outside,

He added: “We saw nothing for a minute and then I saw what she had seen and they did virtually the same, as if patrolling or scanning – again, not far up in the sky, very visible above the houses in the street but just a light, no shape and at almost the same place suddenly gone.

“A minute or so later they came again in exactly the same way and I grabbed my rather good Lumix compact camera and took two photographs.

“I had no time to organise a classic shot and the two were too far apart to zoom in and catch more than one at a time.

“They again disappeared in exactly the same way but two to three minutes later one only one appeared again, but this time disappeared more quickly.

“It was the deep orange of the light that intrigued us.

“They were just lights but the sudden switching off, re-appearance and rather slow approach with not a hint of sound remains puzzling.

“The area sees many flights passing over towards London airports and we know the difference – flashing wing lights and bright white headlights and at distances similar to the mystery objects their engines can be heard even though much higher than the mystery objects.

“Both of us are ex-RAF and we had been in a Cessna a week earlier and we judged these orange objects not moving much faster than a light aircraft at the height we saw them.

“I am a former school inspector trained to observe carefully and not given to exaggeration.

“I draw no conclusions. We would be interested to know if anyone else saw them and feel sure there must be a rational explanation deriving from some normal aviation or other technological project.”

Can you help solve the mystery?

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