Campaign tugs at heartstrings

A campaign to raise awareness of organ donation really goes to the heart of the matter for a Brackley couple.

Sarah and Phil Marshall have launched the campaign, I Give You My Heart, following Sarah’s diagnosis with an extremely rare and serious condition – idiopathic pulmonary hypertension. Sarah, 33, said: “It is pretty scary when you realise what you are up against. It is not a particularly good diagnosis. There is a chance you are going to die prematurely.”

Phil and Sarah Marshall in New Zealand

Phil and Sarah Marshall in New Zealand

Before the diagnosis the couple had been keen walkers and travellers and even spent a year travelling around Asia and the Pacific. Now, just walking a few hundred metres is a challenge for Sarah.

She said: “Everything you planned on doing in the future, absolutely everything I would have liked to have done has changed. At this point I am just happy to be alive.”

Sarah is not currently on the list for an organ donation but this could change if her condition worsens. Her husband has embarked upon a challenge of completing four long-distance events asking people to pledge to become organ donors.

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