Calls for safety review after pupil hit by car

Monday's accident occurred outside the side entrance to Queensway Primary School
Monday's accident occurred outside the side entrance to Queensway Primary School

Councillors, teachers and parents have stepped up their calls for traffic calming measures on Queensway, Banbury after a school pupil was hit by a car on Monday.

Police are investigating after a four-year-old Queensway Primary School pupil sustained what head teacher Sarah Jakeman described as a “minor bump” after colliding with a car at about 3pm outside the side entrance to the school, used by many pupils.

Mrs Jakeman said Monday’s collision was purely accidental, but said teachers and parents have been campaigning for years for a review of road safety and measures such as a return of lollipop ladies, warning signs and a zebra crossing should be considered by the county council.

She said: “The parents have been absolutely fantastic and have written letters to the governors to send to the council.

“The councillors need to look at the whole picture of traffic around the school.”

Mrs Jakeman believes a narrowing of the road installed some years ago makes the crossing more dangerous as it encourages people to cross where there are no safety measures.

Mark Cherry, Labour county councillor for the Calthorpe Ward, requested the council investigate in October after a concerned mum wrote to him, but the council responded saying there had been no “significant accident history” along the stretch of road.

Cllr Cherry said lack of council funds was not an excuse for failing to take action. “Due process has got to be followed but it’s no good just to say the money isn’t available because there haven’t been any accidents,” he said.

Kieron Mallon, county councillor for Bloxham and Easington, said a full police investigation would have to be completed before any action could be considered.

Oxfordshire County Council’s Martin Crabtree said the council could not comment until a police report had been prepared but added resources had to be “prioritised across the county.”