Burglar found guilty

A BURGLAR who was part a £10,000 break-in of a village store in South Northamptonshire has been jailed after being found guilty by a jury.

Paul Holland, 36, denied being one of three burglars who stole cigarettes, an undisclosed amount of cash and the CCTV system from the Co-op store in Park End, Croughton, near Banbury.

But he was convicted by a jury at Northampton Crown Court, after a two-day trial, of the single charge of burglary, committed with others on December 7, 2006, and was jailed for 21 months.

Judge Richard Bray said: "I am unable to give you any credit for pleading guilty. You had every opportunity to do so in this case.

"I sentence you for a burglary of the Co-op store which obviously required some planning. You have quite a bad record for dishonesty."

The court heard Holland, of Mold Crescent, Banbury was jailed for 15 months in 1998 for handling stolen goods and was previously convicted of the attempted burglary of a cricket club.

Lucy Tapper, mitigating, said: "There are a number of features which makes this case less serious than other burglaries. No one was in at the time, the damage was caused to enter the property and clearly your honour will want to sentence on the basis that it was a commercial rather than dwelling house burglary."