Blue hold on Daventry DC

The Conservative party has strenghtened its grip on Daventry District Council after a successful election day.

The only change was on the Drayton ward in Daventry, where Terry Mullett took one seat from Labour to boost Conservative numbers to 35.

The Lib Dems now have two councillors on the council and the Labour Party has one. A third of the seats were up for election

Full results were

Abbey South - Conservative hold

Mike Fletcher

Independent 269

Peter Frederick Luke

Labour 203

Chris Over

Conservative 520

Badby - Conservative hold

Maureen Luke

Labour 126

Anthony Scott

Conservative 571

Brixworth - Conservative hold

Chris Myers

Labour 319

Liz Wiig

Conservative 1285

Clipston - Conservative hold

Pamela Betts

Conservative 605

Janet Mary Penrose

Labour 142

Crick - Conservative hold

Richard Atterbury

Conservative 494

Jane Rebecca Cartlidge

Labour 101

Drayton - Conservative gain

Terry Mullett

Conservative 688

Penelope Hylda Price

Labour 534

Hill - Conservative hold

Nigel Victor Carr

Labour 267

Andrew Harris

Conservative 480

Samantha Webb

Independent 376

Long Buckby - Conservative hold

Sue Myers

Labour 304

Diana Elizabeth Osborne

Conservative 814

Bob Patchett

Liberal Democrat 182

Moulton - Conservative hold

Jenny Nicola Fear

Green 124

George Patterson 212

Mike Warren

Conservative 902

Weedon - Conservative hold

Malcolm Paul Adcock

Liberal Democrat 132

Kevin Perry

Conservative 778

Bea Price

Labour 129

Welford - Conservative hold

Catherine Boardman

Conservative 540

Katharine Louise Wicksteed

Green 189

Walgrave - Conservative hold

Ann Carter

Conservative 541

Emma Katrine Louise Poole

Labour 146