Bloxham housing plans refused

MHBG-13-12-12 Bloxham Plans
MHBG-13-12-12 Bloxham Plans

TWO controversial planning applications to build homes in Bloxham were refused by Cherwell District Council yesterday evening (Thursday), after villagers packed the council chamber to register their opposition.

At a meeting of the council’s planning committee residents applauded when first one, then a second planning application was voted down.

Members of the Hands off Bloxham campaign group, Bloxham Parish Council and ward councillors were among those who raised a series objections to an application from Gladman to build 75 homes off the Barford Road and a plan from Framptons to build 85 homes on the Milton Road.

Objections included concerns about flooding, increased traffic and the strain the extra homes would place on schooling and the village infrastructure.

Dave Chapman, Chairman of Bloxham Parish Council said: “We want the residents of Bloxham to determine the future of our village, not speculative developers who want to concrete over our countryside.”

Council officers had recommended the Gladman application be approved on the grounds that any future appeal to the Planning Inspectorate would be likely to be successful.