Band with Barford link release new single for download


A hit 1970s band with links to Barford St Michael has re-formed and released a new single for the download market.

Shooter was formed in 2011 when Barford St Michael-based Tony Ecclestone (bass, vocals) contacted Dom O’Riley (guitar, vocals) to ask him to come out of retirement to play a festival in Oxfordshire.

Dom was one of the founders of Straight Shooter in the 70s and Tony was their most well-known bassist.

The band had recorded the cult classic single Straight Shooter/She’s so Fine, which was released in 1979. This was re-released on vinyl in 2011 by Sing Sing records of New York.

The band has since gigged regularly in London and the Home Counties, including last year’s Bloxfest. They have now been rejoined by the drummer from the original Straight Shooter single, Mike O’Riley.

The band’s new single Recycled Teenagers was recorded by producer Ian Turner and Shooter are currently recording more new tracks at his Berkshire studio for a forthcoming album. All the profits from the sales of Recycled Teenagers will go to the MS Society and Macmillan Cancer Support.

Recycled Teenagers is available on Amazon and iTunes.