Banbury sailor searching for missing Malaysian plane

Joshua Ruff NNL-140904-121312001

Joshua Ruff NNL-140904-121312001

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A sailor from Banbury is involved in the search for the Malaysian Airlines flight which disappeared on March 8.

Able Seaman Joshua Ruff, pictured, is on Royal Navy survey ship HMS Echo, which was redeployed to assist in the search for the missing airliner. The Plymouth-based vessel had been performing survey work in the Middle East before receiving instructions to join the Southern Indian Ocean search effort. Raised in Banbury, AB Ruff attended The Warriner School and joined the Royal Navy in 2012. Now part of the Hydrographic and Meteorological branch onboard HMS Echo, the 24 year old said: “As part of the hydrographic branch one of my jobs will be to monitor the survey equipment for signs of the flight deck recorder (black box).

“I feel privileged to be part of such a large scale operation and hope we can find some answers for the friends and family of those on flight MH370.”