Banbury and Hooky firefighters tackle Shutford house fire

Fire engine
Fire engine

A homeowner in Shutford suffered minor injuries after a house fire in the early hours of the morning today (Sunday).

One fire engine from both Banbury and Hook Norton were called to the property in West Street at about 3am where they were met by the occupier who said the fire was in his living room. He had been awoken by the fire and called 999.

Firefighters entered the property and extinguished the blaze using hose reels, and cleared the smoke using a high pressure pan which prevented damage to the rest of the house.

John Campbell, watch manager, said: “In this case, the occupier was very lucky to be woken by the fire itself, his injuries could have been worse if he hadn’t followed the fire service advice of ‘Get Out, Stay Out and Call the Fire Brigade Out’.

“The fire service always advise everybody to ensure they have a working smoke detector on each level of their house, as a smoke detector will give an immediate warning of a fire and allow you to escape before the fire grows.

“Households should have a fire plan so everyone knows what to do when a smoke detector goes off.”