Author bemused as £14.99 book on sale for £36 billion!

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A King’s Sutton author has been left bemused after one of her books went on sale on internet retailer Amazon for around £36 billion!

Julie Cooper co-wrote the One to One Toolkit with Ann Reynolds and the book has been popular with career advisers, trainers and mentors since it was published in 2008. It has a cover price of £14.99.

Mrs Cooper, who runs training company Spring Developments as well as Spring Publishing in Oxford, said: “I know it’s just a case of an algorithm gone bananas. As far as I can tell, this type of madness usually occurs when sellers have set software to automatically change their price to be a bit cheaper or more expensive than the competition.

“In this case, there has mainly been only one seller involved, so I can only assume that somehow they are out pricing themselves. I’m almost too scared to check the price in case I accidently click on the ‘Buy’ button!”

The price of the book rose to more than £700,000 when Mrs Cooper first noticed the price error on the internet last Wednesday. It increased in price to £32 million by the weekend and yesterday (Wednesday), it reached £36 billion or – in figures – £36,000,000,000,000!

Mrs Cooper is also keeping a close eye on the listing for her other book, called Face to Face in the Workplace.

She said: “I’ve already had some people that own the One to One Toolkit say how pleased they are with their investment!

“They also seem to think I will be rich if the book sells. I doubt the seller even has a copy, they’ll probably buy a copy through the trade if they get an order and I’ll get about £1.50!.

“One seller is listing Face to Face in the Workplace at £110, which at more than five times the usual price is far too expensive, but nothing like as ridiculous as the One to One Toolkit.”