Abandoned cat is feline better

A CAT left outside a supermarket has been successfully rehomed thanks to a story in the Banbury Guardian.

Black tabby Matilda was left outside Morrisons in Banbury inside an animal carrier back in February.

Banbury Animal Rescue Kindness Service (BARKS) took in the feline while a permanent owner was sought.

Now Middleton Cheney man Colin Merry has taken the cat in and named it Hocus.

Mr Merry, 39, said: "I think I was the first to call Barks and they came out to have a look at where I live and whether a cat could live here.

"They said it would be okay for me to take it and it's great because she's settled in really well.

"The vet told us to keep her in for three weeks and she won't try and run off so that's what we're doing now.

"I had put off getting a cat for a while because of building work on my house but now it's all done it's the ideal time to have one."

He said he could not understand why someone would choose to dump a cat.

"We do not understand why she was left - it could be for any sort of reason.

"She's very small and you might think she is a kitten but according to the vet she's quite an older cat."

Barry Clift from BARKS said: "Mr Mweey was interested in Matilda so came to have a look and ended up taking it.

"It's great that it has a permanent owner now."

The Cherwell branch of the Cats Protection charity is looking for a home for a cat taken in following a road accident in Bicester.

Boris - as he is named - had to have a leg amputated following the incident.

Anyone interested in looking after Boris should contact Ann Jenkins, homing officer for Cherwell Cats Protection, on 01869 246839.

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