A hole load of trouble

Potholes in West Bar NNL-140429-163936001
Potholes in West Bar NNL-140429-163936001

Calls have gone out from motorists and councillors to get Banbury’s West Bar Street resurfaced.

Highways workers patched up the street, which leads from the Cross to Bicester and Banbury College, on Saturday. But by Monday the temporary asphalt was crumbling.

Drivers say they are compelled to ‘weave’ around to avoid their cars dropping into deep potholes that have been a hazard for many months.

Some are avoiding West Bar altogether to save their vehicle’s suspension.

Cllr Mark Cherry, who represents the Banbury Calthorpe ward for Oxfordshire County Council, said: “The latest news is resurfacing will happen in October.

“Originally this wasn’t going to happen until 2015. There’s no point doing it in October – the winter weather will just damage it again. That road has a moon-like surface and it needs all scraping up and redoing.

“It shouldn’t have come to this. The patching is not good enough and is falling apart already.”

Motorist Jordan Morris said: “I drive in the middle of the road to avoid potholes when it’s safe. The patches that have been put in place have started to crack again. It needs resurfacing from the Cross to the college, not just filled in.”

Driver Neil Johnson described the repairs as ‘a mess, dangerous’ and Natalie Conoboy said: “It has been awful and, yes, I have to dodge several potholes.

“I noticed the minimal patch up, however it still needs a lot of repair.”

Zoë Kendell-Taylor said: “It needs a complete resurface, not a patch up.”

A man who uses the street regularly as pedestrian access to town shops said: “They should do something about it. It’s not just to help motorists.

“Every time it rains we pedestrians get soaked because cars splash water 
up from the pot holes.”

A spokesman for Oxfordshire County Council said: “We have a planned schedule of road resurfacing works taking place around the county, and these involve arranging traffic management, scheduling contractors and informing local residents and businesses of the works well in advance.

“We fix potholes as and when required to keep the road open until the more comprehensive works are done.”