‘1,300’ wells may be bored for shale gas

Keith Taylor pictured beside the Oxfordshire Canal.
Keith Taylor pictured beside the Oxfordshire Canal.

Methane flares round the clock, noise, drilling, heavy traffic and silica fallout could be routine if a designated area between Kidlington, Banbury and Bicester is ‘fracked’ for gas, a campaigner has claimed.

MEP and anti-fracking campaigner Keith Taylor told environmentalists from Banbury and Bicester that Oxfordshire could be in line to get up to 1,300 wells. He said the main shale gas shelf lies between Deddington and Banbury.

“People in Oxfordshire are now gearing up for the fight against fracking,” he said.

“Many Banbury residents will be worried about the potential impacts of drilling near their homes. We know it is a risky business. People would have to put up with gas flaring, loud truck movements and the risk of water contamination.

“Evidence suggests that fracking won’t even help lower energy bills and we know it will contribute to climate change.

“If the government is serious about tackling climate change and bringing down fuel bills then the dash for gas must be abandoned and investment must be re-directed to renewables.”

Campaigner Lorraine Newman of Hook Norton said: “I am horrified. They would need eight wells every square mile to get gas out. There would be a huge impact on the countryside and our daily life.”