Nostalgia: Pictures from the past

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Have you got a picture from the past? E-mail

The tenth Banbury Street Organ Festival was to get the town its long-awaited statue of a ‘fine lady on a white horse’, it was reported in the Banbury Guardian on August 29, 2002.

The festival was due to raise money for the town council’s appeal to commemorate the famous figure, which was due to launch the following week.

Meanwhile, about 30 organ grinders from all over the country, and one from Australia were getting ready to roll out the tunes to mark a decade of the musical event.

Organiser Geoff Todd is pictured left presenting Banbury mayor Tony Mepham with a print of the town hall.

Mr Todd said: “The first year there were just three of us playing in the streets. We were helping the town out as part of the shopping festival and it has grown fairly quickly from there.”