Nostalgia: Pictures from the past

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Have you got a picture from the past? E-mail

Youngsters donned their tracksuit bottoms and trainers and dragged their mums and dads out onto the streets of Banbury to raise cash for their schools, it was reported in the Banbury Guardian on March 24, 1994.

The youngsters, from 17 junior schools around the area, joined in the mini fun run organised by Banbury Cross Round Table to raise money for their own school and the Frank Wise School’s hydrotherapy pool appeal.

In all, 600 adults and children pounded around the town centre circuit in the run which started at the Town Hall. It was hoped that the event would also raise the profile of the Round Table in the town on National Round Table Weekend and the members were delighted with the turnout.

The amount raised was not yet known as the schools collected sponsor money.