Nostalgia: Pictures from the past

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Have you got a picture from the past? E-mail

Charity conscious village kids took recycling quite literally to heart in Banburyshire in the early 90s, as the Banbury Guardian reported on March 13, 1993 how they collected unwanted bicycles for aid workers in Albania.Among the volunteering youngsters were children from St Mary’s Church, Bloxham, who swapped their spanners for saucepans as they baked cakes for a coffee morning in the parish rooms to raise money for necessary spares for the bikes.

Sarah Condry, who was behind the appeal, said: “Out of all the Eastern bloc countries, Albania is the poorest, but you never hear about it and the plight of the people.”

Pictured are the kids hard at work refurbishing the bikes.

Nortec Training Agency in Banbury also helped getting the bicycles in shipshape before they were wheeled out.