Nostalgia: Pictures from the past

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Have you got a picture from the past? e-mail

Winds of 80 to 90mph wreaked havoc in the Banbury area 24 years ago as lorries were toppled like toys, chimneys and walls fell and trees caused traffic chaos.

As reported in the Banbury Guardian on February 1, 1990, children at Neithrop had a lucky escape when the school roof collapsed.

Mrs Crosby, headteacher, said: “You could feel it throughout the school. There was a tunnel effect as the wind blew through, pictures and displays blew off the wall. There was no panic, the children were extremely good.”

Electricity board engineers worked round the clock to restore supplies when overhead powerlines were brought down and Cherwell District Council received more than 600 calls. 
Pictured are overturned lorries on the A41 near the Wobbly Wheel pub.