Nostalgia: pictures from the past

Happy party goers
Happy party goers

Fears that hoards of drunken merry-makers would pour from pubs to try to scale Banbury Cross as midnight approached on New Year’s Eve did not materialise, it was reported in the Banbury Guardian on January 7, 1982.

Instead it was all quiet on the Banbury Cross front as late night revellers celebrated the New Year peacefully and responsibly in the town centre. A barricade which had been erected around the Cross at a cost of £200 was untouched and, unlike the previous year, a squad of 20 police officers had no need to form a cordon to keep would-be climbers at bay.

In traditional fashion, scores of people danced and sang around the Cross, but police reported a trouble-free evening.

“Everyone behaved themselves,” said Insp Laurie Fray of Banbury Police Station.