Urgent funds required to save Banbury’s Signal Box North

Time is running out for Banbury’s historic Signal Box North as a May 9 deadline for funding approaches.

The central lights of the stained glass window in the sanctuary, St John
the Evangelist R C Church, Banbury' NNL-160324-091832001

LOOK BACK WITH LITTLE: St John’s windows

The Banbury Guardian for March 17 2016 highlighted an appeal for financial support in respect of the stained glass windows at St John’s Roman Catholic Church which are in need of urgent restoration work.

The Prince of Wales was a popular venue for auction sales. NNL-160322-171448001

Changes in Grimsbury

In the Changing Faces of Grimsbury published in 1999, I highlighted late 19th century sales of land and property. These provided valuable windows on the growth of what was still a Northamptonshire settlement.

Joe Herbert's colleagues at Samuelsons'. NNL-161003-093057001

Samuelson memories

In September 1954 the Banbury Advertiser published a fascinating conversation between a man called Joe Herbert and a reporter.

William, first Viscount Saye and Sele, elected High Steward in 1632 NNL-160703-151445001

‘A worthy recipient’

On Tuesday, March 15 history will be made in the Town Hall when Banbury Town Council confers the office of High Steward of the town on Sir Tony Baldry.

S. H. Jones wine shop in about 1920- picture from Barry Daviss personal collection

LOOK BACK WITH LITTLE: A vintage business

In 1996 I raised a glass to Banbury’s long-standing wine merchants 
S H Jones. Fine Wines from odds and ends captioned an article in which I outlined the history of the company from the site on the Horse Fair, which became Church House in 1905.


Growth of our museum

Growth of Banbury Museum

The Red Lion pub, pictured on the right on Banbury's High Street. NNL-160219-131115001

Red Lion’s impact

The Hurst Collection in the Banbury Study Centre is a valuable source of information about many buildings that have featured prominently in the town’s history.

Map of Banbury castle in relation to the Market Place.  NNL-160902-130137001

Look back with Little: Castle rollercoaster

Towards the end of the 1960s Banbury decided to invest in a new shopping centre complex to be known as the Castle Centre.

Look Back with Little NNL-151223-100225001

Tales of Christmas past

Banbury historian Brian Little recalls another moment in the town’s past.

Jean Buckland from Banbury remembering her days at The Grand Theatre. NNL-151124-164735009

Pensioner shares her fond memories of the Grand Theatre

A Banbury pensioner has gone back in time to relive memories of her past at the town’s former Grand Theatre.

Pic for Look Back with Little column for Banbury Guardian July 30, 2015 edition. Wrestling. NNL-150727-105427001

Look Back With Little: Wrestling at Banbury’s Winter Gardens

In December 2009 I wrote about Banbury’s Winter Gardens under the caption ‘Winter wonders at popular dance hall’.

Say it with port, Tony NNL-150324-093645001

Sir Tony’s first victory

My article today is a response to the news that Sir Tony Baldry is standing down as Member of Parliament after over 30 years of representing the people of North Oxfordshire.

Look Back With Little

Look Back With Little: War the focus for Felons

On Tuesday November 11th 2014, the 196th Annual General Meeting and Dinner of the Neithrop Association for the Protection of Persons and Property (the Felons) was held.

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Nostalgia: Pictures from the past

The creeping glow of streetlights from Banbury was obscuring the view of stargazers in the surrounding countryside, it was reported in the Banbury Guardian on November 13, 2003.

Banbury Town Hall where election results were announced

Look Back With Little: Election fever, 1894

November 1st, 1894 was a Thursday and therefore market day in Banbury.

One of the new houses in King's Road

Look Back With Little: Garden city visions

In 1919, Technical Journals Ltd published a book entitled ‘Garden City Houses’. 
The introduction contained a remarkable statement that was as true of Banbury as anywhere else in the country.

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Nostalgia: Pictures from the past

Army bomb disposal experts were called out in October 1990 after 14-year-old Alex Tompkins found a mortar shell as he was walking home with friends through fields behind Burns Road in Banbury.

Editorial image

A village’s war record

In it Together by Barrie Davis tells the story of how wars impacted on life in Adderbury and endeavours to uncover the social consequences.

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